Page 272/365 : Onto the Post-Season

The Dodgers lost tonight, but in a way, it didn’t matter as they were already in the post-season picture since way back, remember them jumping in the pool and what have ya?

Unfortunately though, their form throughout September has been very unpredictable. They’ve had days where no-one could hit, and others where it was Run after Run after Run.

This inconsistency has to stop now. The post-season is here and a best of five series vs Atlanta Braves is the first step towards the World Series crown. Two games in ATL, followed by two games at Dodger Stadium, followed by the final game back in ATL. Of course, those last two games may not be needed if someone dominates.

I would’ve been happier playing the Cardinals, but it wasn’t to be.

My first season as a Dodgers fan has certainly had it’s ups and downs. I only started watching Baseball after Elle bought me tickets for whilst we were on Honeymoon in LA. Dodgers lost 12-2 that night to the Rockies, but it made me fall in love with the game. I just wish I could be in LA for more games…especial lib the Post-Season.

Puig, the young Rookie has the potential I be the MVP for sure, if Uribe finds his Home Run bat then all will be good too. And as long as the pitching staff stay on course all should go well.

Go Blue!

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