Page 270/365 : Another week

Another working week is over and it got me thinking about Christmas and how it’s not too far away now. Also that we’ll know it’s here as soon as we hear “holidays are coming…holidays are coming!”

Flew through another two episodes of Breaking Bad. We’re going to try to get through at least the whole of seasons three and four this weekend. That’s another 24 episodes….easy! Haha.

Got to avoid social media though as much as possible because the finale of the final season is on in America on Sunday. That means I might end up spoiling it all for myself. No spoilers please people!

iOS 7 got its first update. Oddly enough it was 7.0.2 – not sure where 7.0.1 went, but hey hum. This massive update had a change to the number lock screen as well as Greek Language support for it. Wow! Massive!

In other news, it was revealed that the Royal Christening will be on October 23rd…that’s a Wednesday. We all wait with baited breath to find out whether it’s going to be a day off work, seeing as though 98% of people will only care about that!

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