Page 222/365 : Party Arrows

Woke up at 4 this morning for the loo…flicked on the Dodgers game to see how they were doing but in the 6th innings they were getting annihilated 6-0 so I turned it off. Then around 7am I finally properly woke up and looked at the final score……..the Dodgers had won 7-6 with a run in the 7th, 2 runs in the 8th and 4 runs in the 9th. Insane! The winning run came from a Rays error too! Haha. Oh well…the Mighty Dodgers roll on. 

Up and about early-ish this morning and to our Louise’s for Megan’s 4th birthday party. Elle was doing the facepainting for all the kids who were loving it. 

Rich’s Man-Cave was coming along nicely now. The dart board was up…so it’s was a case of “LET’S PLAY DAAAAARTS”. 

Me and Rich had 5 games and I beat him 3-2. I also beat my Dad in a game. I have always said that I think Darts is something I could actually be quite good at if I put my mind to it and played it properly. I can get it “there-or-thereabouts” and probably just need the practice.

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2 Responses to Page 222/365 : Party Arrows

  1. sue woollin says:

    Oh no mention of the game you had with me, maybe that’s because I almost beat you haha

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