Page 212/365 : Hannibal ends

**Warning** The post may contain Spoilers about TV show “Hannibal”

Forget everything you have seen before about Dr. Hannibal Lecter. From the Silence Of The Lambs, through the Hannibal sequel and the Red Dragon prequel, we have come to know and sadistically love everyone’s favourite cannibal. But what about everything before? What was Hannibal really like when plying his trade as a psychiatrist? Well TV show Hannibal has all the answers.

Based on the same characters from the Red Dragon book, the series explores not only Hannibal’s sadistic side, but crucially, and more importantly, the psyche of Will Graham. Will is a criminal profiler, brought in to help he FBI solve a crime using his unique skill of being able to put himself in the mind of a killer by just being around a crime scene. But as he comes to solve one case, he cannot escape his crime-fighting life, especially after sinking deeper within himself and his own mental problems due to events that happen all around him.

As Will’s madness begins to envelope him and actually threaten to cause serious damage, there’s only one person he can turn to…Hannibal, who naturally is intrigued by his patient to the point of obsession.

As the series rolls on, and Will’s mind becomes even more screwed up, the bodies begin to rack up. No-one suspects who is the real person behind the carnage and its not until the later stages of the series that everything begins to unfold.

As the series drew to a close last night ( tonight on Sky+) it was interesting to see where they were going to take things, and it’s safe to say it’s been left massively open for a second season.

It’s a uniquely deep series, with plenty of scientific explanations of psychotic tendencies, and it relies heavily upon dialogue delivered brilliantly by Mikkelsen and Dancy. It’s deep, it’s gory in places, and it’s one hell of a prequel series. I can’t wait for season 2!

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