Page 211/365 : The Killing begins

After being told for ages to watch The Killing…we finally started it from season 1. Now I know a lot of people will say “watch the foreign version first” and in all honesty, I would prefer to, but Elle is not a massive lover of Subtitles, so we opted to go straight in with the American version.

Paul at work has been banging on to me about this for ages, and seeing as though we’re currently in a position with nothing to watch, we picked it up. Dexter is on once a week now, Hannibal is one episode from the end and I just watch Falling Skies on my own as it’s more to my tastes.

The Killing was fab though. We did the first two episodes and the plan is to fly through them all.

Yorkshire Radio was disbanded today. Bad news for everyone involved with it. But it’s one of the Bates-business ideas that had to go under the new regime…basically, we’re never gonna get that hotel built! Haha.

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