Page 190/365 : TV Catchup

Work plodding along as normal. Nothing really to report there.

Tonight was a bit of a TV catchup night. Watched Raw from last night…Vickie Guerrero was fired…oops…caught up with Hannibal from last week ready for tonight’s episode. Also watched the Final Five show for The Apprentice, which Morley-girl Francesca is still in.

Downloaded a calendar for the iPhone to add all the Dodgers games to my Calendar so I can see what time the matches will actually take place in UK time…only issue is, it’s set them all up with Alarms, and I can’t turn it off…nightmare. I have tried posting on a Geek website somewhere to see if anyone knows how to sort but it’s not looking good.

30 people now signed up to my Prediction League. Cracking

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3 Responses to Page 190/365 : TV Catchup

  1. thomasjpitts says:

    Removing alarms = easy.

    Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> under the list of accounts should be Subscribed Calendars –> select your new calendar, a pop up appears, bottom option is Remove Alarms

    • Ya see…I thought it was that easy too but when I remove the alarms in the subscribed calendar account, it actually removes all he entries too. So In the calendar now they’re all there showing up as dots on each day, but I just want them to not ring an alarm.

      • thomasjpitts says:

        Odd. In which case I suggest this:

        Settings –> Mail, Contacts, and Calendars –> Scroll down to “Calendars” –> Tap “Default Alert Times” –> “Events” changing to “None” should disable all Google Calendar event alarms.

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