Film #1214 Review : The Darkest Day

When an average business trip for a couple of techie-geeks goes seriously tits up and an electrically-charged Alien being wipes out almost every person in Moscow, you know it just ain’t your day.

The Darkest Hour (which strangely covers a period of about 48 hours) just feels like an amateur production from the outset.

The post-apocalyptic storyline just isn’t engaging, characters are about as deep as a puddle and minor characters are pointlessly put into the story for minimal reason.

There’s a couple of sparks of clever, such as our heroes carrying bulbs with them everywhere they go to alert them in a kind of Gas Budgie In A Cage move, but there’s just no real terror that builds as the evil force continues to track and chase the main characters.

The problem is, everything just feels as though it was written by a first-timer and scenes where we meet a mad Russian Electrician in a cage or a band of mercenaries just add to the silliness of the entire thing.

I wouldn’t be recommending anyone to watch this unless there was literally nothing else on.

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