Page 150/365 : Poorly Dave


Stomach still in pain this morning. Not good. Woke up a few times through the night and hadn’t got too much sleep. Phoned docs in the morning (because I never got the Emergency appointment last night) and got an appointment for the afternoon. Phoned work and told them I wouldn’t be in. Being hunched over a desk all day wasn’t going to help it.

Went to docs and he said it wasn’t anything too serious and that he thought I had possibly torn the muscle just at the bottom of my sternum and that was what was causing the pain and not to worry too much about it but to try not to exert it too much.

Should be back in work tomorrow.

Whilst I was off, I watched the rest of that Magic 101 Greatest Movie Songs programme, and here’s my thoughts :

39 – Back To The Future – The Power Of Love – Hewy Lewis & The News – Now here we go. One of my all time favourite movies and an absolutely cracking song to tie up with it. I am a little disappointed it was so far down at 39. But then when you think they’re singing about the Power Of Love in a film where a mother falls in love with her son…hmmmmm

38 – Up Close & Personal – Because You Lover Me – Celine Dion – having never seen the film I cannot comment. But anything Celine is sweet so this is OK being this far down.

37 – Sliver – Can’t Help Falling In Love – UB40 – Said Grease on the screen…guess that means the next song will be a Grease one then…

36 – Grease – Hopelessly Devoted To You – Olivia Newton-John – here it is. And I am going to go out on a limb here an say that this is my favourite song from Grease. It’s sweet and endearing, even if there’s a dodgy watery image of John Travolta near the end. Shame there won’t be any Grease 2 tracks in this countdown. Now there’s a film!

35 – City Of Angels – Iris – Goo Goo Dolls – again, not seen the film but this song is massively iconic. Didn’t realise it had been used in a flick. Might have to see the film now then just to check it out.

34 – Notting Hill – When You Say Nothing At All – Ronan Keating – The Boyzone crooner hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s another sweet song and a small budget video but it just works.

33 – The Beach – The Beach – All Saints – An annoying song and a very boring film but I do have bad memories of it being out whilst I worked at the cinema and seeing the ending about 400 times.

32 – Dangerous Minds – Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio – one of those songs which fits in with the film so well. They nailed this.

31 – The Prince Of Egypt – Whitney & Mariah – When You Believe – Its so Disney I am surprised the two warblers weren’t wearing Mickey Mouse ears! Cheese fest.

30 – Batman Forever – Kiss From A Rose – Seal – Not sure how this song ever because associated with the Batman film. It just doesn’t seem to fit. I am gonna have to look it up!

29 – Beaches – Wing Beneath My Wings Bette Midler – Argh! One of those annoying films my mum always watched and I hated. Sentimental girlie bullshit.

28 – The Woman In Red – I Just Called To Say I Loved You – Stevie Wonder – Didn’t realise this was linked to a film. And in all honesty I don’t know what film it is. Good song though.

27 – Flashdance – Flashdance – Irene Cara – What a tune. It’s cheesy but it was made for the film therefore it works spot on. It builds well although it will always remind me of The Full Monty instead…and when she dances in the leotard…it was a bloke for some of it! Haha

26 – The Lion King – Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John – Awwwww Lion King is back and the lovely relationship between Simba & Nala is the background for this. Love the song, love the film.

25 – Saturday Night Fever – How Deep Is Your Love – The Bee Gees – The bearded ones are back. Not a massive fan to be fair and never seen the film.

24 – Bridget Jones’ Diary – Out Of Reach – Gabrielle – Ok, confession time…I quite like Bridget Jones and I am actually looking forward to the third film if its ever made!!

23 – Stardust – Rule The World – Take That – a song that is better than the film by a very long shot. Poorly done film that’s just not entertaining at all.

22 – Top Gun – Show Me Heaven – Maria McKee – another controversial moment….I don’t like Top Gun. It’s just too wanky. I don’t mind Tom Cruise in these types of role as they’re what he’s suited for, but something about it just didn’t grab me. Cute song though.

21 – Philadelphia – Streets Of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen – Not a massive fan of the song, or The Boss for that matter, but what a film. Tom Hanks at his finest.

20 – Dreamgirls – Listen – Beyonce – Don’t know the song and not seen the film. Beyonce annoys me no end! Argh!

19 – Dirty Dancing – She’s Like The Wind – Patrick Swayze – what a shit film! There I said it. I have seen the stage show and that is more impressive though. This song is that annoying break in the middle of the film too and I just don’t think the song flows that well. Annoying more than anything else.

18 – Pearl Harbour – There You’ll Be – Faith Hill – Seriously? Does this deserve to be above all those below? Really? No, it doesn’t. It’s not an amazing film, and the song is alright but surely there’s better than this below in the list!

17 – Rocky 3 – Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor – And BOOM! There we have it. One of the most inspiring and powerful movie tracks ever. Everyone knows the link to the film and that’s the key to a movie song. Love it.

16 – Goldeneye – Goldeneye – Tina Turner – Gotta say that of the recent Bonds, THIS tune is one of the best. It brought Bond back to the big screen and needed a killer song and it delivered.

15 – Evita – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Madonna – Taken straight from the film, this is a song and a half. Although I have to say it is better seen within the context of the film. Much more powerful.

14 – Stand By Me – Stand By Me – Ben E King – Used perfectly in a film all about camaraderie and friendship. Serves a purpose brilliantly

13 – Coyote Ugly – Can’t Fight The Moonlight – Leanne Rimes – Not quite sure who decided this song needed to be in this film, but still. The video is nice 😉

12 – Four Weddings & A Funeral – Love Is All Around – Wet Wet Wet – Iconic film, iconic song. To be fair I probably couldn’t name another Wet Wet Wet song…!

11 – Mannequin – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship – Awwwww, we had this as our first dance at our wedding. Great video too. Mixes the film clips and the band messing about really well. Deserves this spot in the list.

10 – My Girl – My Girl – Temptations – The film is very much one of those really annoying films where kids who speak like they’re adults are the main star. Damn I hate it.

9 – Grease – Summer Lovin’ – Travolta & Newton-John – Better as part of the megamix in my mind. It’s cute and fun.

8 – Top Gun – Take My Breath Away – Berlin – a much better song from Top Gun. Love this. Cheesy as hell but every time you hear it takes you to this film.

7 – Dirty Dancing – The Time Of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – So here we go, I don’t particularly love Dirty Dancing but this song is perfect. Brings about so many memories of the film for people.

6 – Armageddon – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Aerosmith – WHAT A TUNE! My favourite song of all time from my favourite film of all time. Oh my god…makes me cry every time!

5 – Pretty Woman – It Must’ve Been Love – Roxette – Awesome tune. It’s a good film and this song is perfect.

4 – Ghost – Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers – One of those here they’ve just stuck an old song into a film and it ended up being iconic. Yes it’s good but it’s not a Movie Song as such. Boo!

3 – The Bodyguard – I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston – Credit where it’s due here. Big song and perfect as she was in the film herself. Quite enjoy this.

2 – Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves – Everything I Do – Bryan Adams – Remember when this was at number one forever???? Yup. It’s a good tune and works well with the film. Video fits in nicely too.

1 – Titanic – My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion – This will ALWAYS win these lists. It’s as iconic as the film itself mainly because the tune is used almost throughout the entire film! And a bit like the film, it needs to get about halfway through before it properly kicks in. Love it.

Now, it’s a shame they didn’t do a countdown of best movie tunes, as up there would be the Forrest Gump theme, Back To The Future theme, and my personal favourite, the Jurassic Park theme music!

Now that would be a countdown worth watching!

Woollin Mammoth the Geocaching Trackable thingy got moved from cache to cache on Prince Edward Island again today. Good times.

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6 Responses to Page 150/365 : Poorly Dave

  1. Helen says:

    1. Dirty Dancing is a fantastic movie. I will watch it EVERY time it’s on tv.
    2. 3rd Bridget Jones book out in October, but nothing to do with the 3rd movie that’s supposedly being made.
    3. Armageddon is your favorite movie? Really? Of all the movies you’ve seen…?

  2. thomasjpitts says:

    Just one thing to add, although it may ruin the song forever for you… I can’t hear Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing without hearing that damn triangle. Why that noise is so prominent in the mix, I’ll never know. It adds absolutely nothing to the song. Maybe it’s the percussionist in me, but I hate that it’s there and so loud.

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