Page 140/365 : Movie Songs

Quick day recap first. Work, home, Slimming World maintain, first two episodes season two Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who.

Now onto the main story I am starting today. The other day, I recorded Magic’s Top 100 songs from the movies…well, I recorded the last part of it and I have some thoughts about some of the songs and the way in which Magic presented them…

Here goes pop-pickers with the latest countdown :

52 – Love Actually – Jump – Girls Aloud – Fair enough. We’ll let them get away with this one, even though the version actually used in the film is the original versions and not the Nadine-Coyle-Pouting version we were treated to here. Still, it had clips from the film, therefore it’s allowed

51 – Saturday Night Fever – Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees – Worst…video…ever! And I wanna look into whether the song was actually recorded for the film, or whether the film came along and used the tune…and oddly enough, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever was called Stayin’ Alive…so technically shouldn’t it be from that…?

50 – Aladdin – A Whole New World – Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson – Now I have to admit…I know this song, almost word for word…but I would have never been able to tell you in a mission years who sung it..I thought it was Jordan & Peter Andre, what a lovely couple they are…

49 – Lion King – Circle Of Life – Elton John – Now we’re talking..but wait…still not a song actually in the film. The film version was the original one, with a woman singing it…I know it was Elton’s song…but does the original movie version get no credit?

48 – Bodyguard – I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston – And my first beef with Magic as they listed this song as being from The Lion King…tut tut. Credit where it’s due though, original song used for the film. As it should be.

47 – Flash Gordon – Flash – Queen – A song with more sound bites from the film than actual song…odd, very odd.

46 – Officer & A Gentleman – Up Where We Belong – Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes – Another “Was it written for the film or just used by the film” song. Very little footage exists of this being sung…it was probably never meant to be a real song

45 – Moulin Rouge – Come What May – Nicole & Euan – ARGH! Why, oh why, oh why do they insist on putting the shite dance-mixed version of this onto the music channels? Why? It’s shocking and the dance music overlayed on Nicole & Euan’s singing doesn’t even keep with the timing of the song. No…just no!

44 – The Three Muskateers – All For One – Bryan, Rod & Sting – Flashbacks! Bad memories. This was one of the songs that used to play at the Showcase Cinema whilst I worked there. Whoever heard Sting, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart and said “Let’s stick all three gravel-voices together” needs shooting!

43 – Skyfall – Skyfall – Adele…or Boomerang – Listed as Boomeramng by Magic…odd. Quite a recent addition. Clearly someone at Magic HQ just over-typed what was here previously. And why was there never a proper video made for this? Poor effort!

42 – Boomerang – The End Of The Road – Boyz II Men – I know the song, but ain’t ever seen the film so cannot comment.

41 – License To Kill – License To Kill – Gladys Knight – There we go! A proper Bond tune, with a proper Bond video…more like it…more please…down with the Adele shite!

40 – Space Jam – I Believe I Can Fly – R Kelly – Brilliant…truly brilliant. That’s all that can be said about this. Quality film, moving song, perfection…they might as well stop the countdown here…

…and I did because I was watching this morning and went to work…more to come in the coming days as I run down Magic’s top 100 52 songs from the movies songs linked to films that the original might’ve been in.

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5 Responses to Page 140/365 : Movie Songs

  1. thomasjpitts says:

    Dave, License To Kill is one of the weakest Bond themes there is. The ones from the eighties are all pretty terrible and lack the drama that such a film needs! For Your Eyes Only is just as bad.

    And as for Space Jam being good… watch it with adult eyes and remove nostalgic thoughts. Weak.

  2. Dave Woollin says:

    I was referring to License as being a proper bond tune over the Skyfall one. I am thoroughly expecting the likes of Goldeneye, Live & Let Die etc to be well above this.

  3. thomasjpitts says:

    Ah, I misread your point. I don’t mind Skyfall – it’s among the best of the modern Bond themes. Die Another Day was particularly bad, for example,

    • I also am not a fan of songs which don’t have any relevance to the title of the film like Chris Cornell’s “You Know my name”. Granted, good tune and Bond-like but not relevant really.

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