Page 138/365 : Eurovision & Camping!

It’s Eurovision Day!

But first…

Got up early-ish (about 1pm) and watched a bit of Game Of Thrones before heading out to Go Outdoors over in Pudsey. We’re going camping next Friday/Saturday so we need a tent, otherwise we’d probably be wet and cold…!

They had a good range there. One was even about £600 and was magnificent. Elle wanted to get one that was cheaper but it was just too low in the ceiling and my head would be touching it so we opted for the Rock 5 an paid with leftover Honeymoon money

Also found Elle’s bottle of coke today so we have the full set for our house :


They will be going pride of place next to the bottles I got from Atlanta. Good times.

Amy & Tom picked us up to head over to Matt & Zara’s for our dinner party. We were having a full tapas style party food thing and all sat around the table to Paella, salamis, patatas brava (if that’s how ya spell it) and some nice breads. Originally I wanted a party for tonight, it is Eurovision after all but when we were invited around I made one stipulation…that we could watch Eurovision.

I was the only one watching it to start with but everyone started to move in and watch it too. It was good fun. We had a little sweepstake but I had shit countries again.

Bonnie Tyler actually did a good song but it was never gonna win and Denmark romped home with it. To be fair, their song had been favourite from day 1, and I had picked it as the winner well before I checked any odds. Quality tune…might have to download the album this year.

Should be in with a shout of the free £25 bet on Paddy Power with Paddy Power Pile Up. I guessed the first try scorer right in the Heineken Cup Final and said Denmark to win. We’ll see tomorrow.

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