Page 137/365 : The Full Monty


“…and for one night only, they’re going the Full Monty!”

It shouldn’t be something enjoyed by blokes, but having just got back from seeing The Full Monty at Leeds Grand Theatre, and seeing Graham from Corrie’s sensitive parts, I have to say that I absolutely loved it.

And the best thing is, it’s not for one night only…it’s a live stage show that has had a limited run but is about to hit the West End running.

Based on the film, and adapted from the same screenplay by the same man, Simon Beaufoy, the show tells the story of out of work steel workers in Sheffield who, after struggling to make ends meet decide the best way to make a quick buck is to bare all in front of a load of paying punters.

Like the film, the show is splattered with comedy moments as well as a fair few tender touches in there, keeping the downbeat lifestyles intact.

The show has quite a few familiar faces in it too. Taking on the Robert Carlsyle role is Kenny Doughty from TV’s Stella, alongside The Bill’s Simon Rouse as Gerald. Corrie’s Graeme, Craig Gazey is also magnificent as Lomper.

The comedy is there…and the nudism is definitely there.

I would highly recommend going to see this…and you don’t have to be a woman…it’s hilarious

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