Page 136/365 : Share a Coke with…erm…

Today something unprecedented happened. I half fancied a bottle of Diet Coke, but I didn’t get one even though I had the chance to. The reason? The new “Share A Coke With…” promotion that Coca Cola are doing.

The promotion is simple, 150 popular names have been selected and put into bottles and cans of Diet Coke, Coke and Coke Zero etc. The full list of names that they have used can be found here

At first, I thought the promotion was a quality idea. I mean who wouldn’t want a bottle of Coke with their name on it? It’s fun and its personal. I even found one with “Dave” on …


But then today I realised something…all the bottles in Tesco today had other names on them. There was Will, Louise, Craig etc…but no Dave. And it was at this point that I realised I didn’t want to drink another bottle with a random name on it. So I didn’t buy a bottle…and anyone who knows me will tell you I love the Diet Coke.

Coke Zone points in the last have gotten me a pair of Coca Cola headphones, free football tickets, Christmas stocking etc, but even that promotion is set to end in October. I own a pair of Coca Cola lounge pants and once spent over $120 in the Merchandise store at Coca Cola World in Atlanta.

But now I don’t want to drink a coke with someone else’s name on it?

Am I insane, or had anyone else had similar thoughts?

On the flip side, if there were a constant supply of “Dave” bottles, I wouldn’t have an issue. I just refuse to drink from a bottle with Georgina or Naomi’s name emblazoned across it, as if that bottle was meant only for them.

Hopefully the “Share A Coke With” promotion won’t last too long…! I’m having to stick to 2litre bottles instead.

In other news, watched the Raising Hope finale and Big Fat Liar.

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1 Response to Page 136/365 : Share a Coke with…erm…

  1. Chris Lawlor says:

    I think your gay!!!!! Man up and drink from the bottle of Katie and George and Peter and Kayleigh!!!!! This isn’t just any product were Talking about! THIS IS COCA FUCKING COLA!!!!!! We know the history, the troubles, the backstabbing, the good, the bad, the down right ugly side of business that went on some 100 years ago in Atlanta! Some say Pepsi once tried to embellish there bottles with the names of people who drink it, ELLE was the only name they had and one name was not enough! They soon realised, this is not a war we shall partake in, maybe they were right? Maybe naming bottles is not the RIGHT thing to do?? But surely you need to ask yourself, not what can coca cola do for me but what can I do for coca cola!!!!! THEY MAY TAKE MY NAME BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE MY FLAVOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too much game of thrones in the last few days I think! OOPSY!!!!

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