Page 135/365 : Tea-Party

Pretty standard working day. Almost fully up-to-date now with everything and hopefully should be back on even ground tomorrow.

The Eurovision Sweepstake ain’t going too well at work. Only about 9/26 sold so far for the final. Gonna have to give everyone a good nudge in the next day or so.

Finally sorted out the Football Predictor and announced Ciaran as the winner. Looking to do one next season too. Just need to figure out if we need to tweak anything in the points to make it better and allow for more points to be obtained.

Amy & Tom came over for tea. Chilli was on the menu. Good times. Had a good natter and watched the Uefa Cup Final which Chelsea nicked in the last minute…can you tell I am missing the Leeds United matches already?

Elle looking to sort out a tent for our now-booked Camping trip. Hopefully it’ll be. Big one. Not too keen on enclosed spaces…

Watched the Bar Mitzvah The Musical episode of Raising Hope tonight too. Very funny indeed.

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