Page 133/365 : Back To Work

First day back at work since breaking up on April 19th (Page 109/365 if anyone cares) and I was all set for it to be a complete car crash.

Usually when you leave someone in charge of your work whilst you’re away, everything goes tits up, but amazingly all went well. I just had 159 emails to go through but getting my spreadsheets brought fully up to date was the main issue of the day and I made good progress.

It was actually nice to be back in the office. I work with a good bunch of people so its all quite fun when it can be.

Also back to Slimming World tonight. Since the last weigh in the week before the wedding, I have managed to only put on 5lb which is pretty good considering the wedding and the honeymoon. I think the walking must’ve really helped me out. Elle put 11lb on but she’ll shift that back off in a week or so no worries.

Didn’t feel too tired to be honest today…no doubt it’ll catch up in a day or so. Haha.

Completed the first game in that three-pack I bought yesterday. I had been giving it some hammer though.

Caught a couple of episodes of Corrie. We’re still way behind.

Watched a couple of episodes of “Raising Hope” and the entire cast of “My Name Is Earl” turned up in it. It was very funny.

Also huge congratulations today to Euan who became an Uncle for the fourth time.

Elle and I are looking at maybe going camping somewhere in the Bank Holiday weekend coming up. Not shrew where yet, but we shall see.

Sleepiness is coming now….night night…….zzzzzzzzz…..zzzzzz…..zzzzz

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