Page 132/365 : Recuperation

Luckily my back wasn’t as bad as it has been today. Took it easy on it though as it was still niggling a little bit and I really didn’t want to aggravate it any more. Hate back pain!

Had a mega mega lazy day today because of it. Caught up on American Idol and watched to the end of Season 4 o CSI. Also caught a couple of episodes of Raising Hope.

Also bought a cool little hidden item mystery game from Morrisons. It had three games in it. They’re always good fun.

Got the joys of going back to work tomorrow. It could be an interesting one. Someone has been doing my work whilst I have been off…which is always hilariously fun to go back to and clean up all the mess. Guess we’ll just have to see how bad it is tomorrow. Think I might leave my Out Of Office on for another couple of days until I catch up.

Also need to organise the work Eurovision Song Contest Sweepstake. Because I ain’t gonna have enough time to do the full one with the Semi-Finals being on Tuesday and Thursday, I’m just gonna have to sell the 25 finalist places at £2 a go and sort out the prize money from the £50. Usually do first, second and Last on the Eurovision because its always funny having the United Kingdom and being in with a shot of the booby prize!

Having trouble sleeping. Uh-oh! Guess the Honeymoon is still playing havoc. It’s now 1:15am an I am WIDE awake. Need to get to sleep soon otherwise I will be like a Zombie tomorrow…Someone might have to “Double-Tap” me (10 points for the movie reference)

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