Page 130/365 : Back…Ouch, MOT…fine!

Woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating pain in the bottom of my back…it was still there this morning and carried on through the entire day. Not good! It was where it was a few years ago when it all went wrong and I was off work for ages…hopefully it’ll sort itself out. Until then, the Diclofenac is my best friend again!

Managed to be up and about enough to take the car to Kwik Fit for the MOT. It was the first one since I bought it in October. Back then I had been having problems since I bought it when the car was leaking water into the Spark Plugs. That all got resolved but the Engine Management light is still on…luckily it wasn’t something that fails an MOT. I was still weary about whether it would pass…it failed…but only on a clip that had broken which he fixed in about ten seconds and the fact I had something dangling from the rear view mirror. Only had to pay the £35 MOT fee…get in!

Caught up on plenty of TV tonight. Watched Britain’s Got Talent, Corrie, CSI etc.

Also, Challenge TV have stared showing Fun House and Knightmare from Day 1! Amazing! Got those two bad boys on Series Link…gotta love Pat Sharp’s hair and the thicko’s on Knightmare.

Back on the diet after putting on 11lb (which I was quite pleased with to be honest). Salad for dinner today and a Spag Bol. Need to get back into the swing of it properly again.

Louise Facetime’d us from Turkey…Megan was jumping in and out of the pool.

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