Page 116/365 : Grand Canyon & Hooters

Another looooooong daaaaaaaaayyy todaaaaaayyyyyy!

Early start and headed straight over to New York, New York to get the bus to the main terminal. There we had a pastry breakfast before heading off on our way.

Our first stop was at the Hoover Dam. We got to get out and head onto the new bypass bridge over the dam. The view was amazing.


We then jumped back on the coach and after another couple of random stops we were at the Canyon West Rim. Elle was crapping herself because it was time for the West Rim Skywalk…basically a glass floor 4,000ft above the bottom of the canyon. But she really surprised me and went straight out onto it without a problem. I was dead proud!

We had some official photos taken which we have bought but they’re on a USB stick so we’ll get then uploaded ASAP. The annoying thing about the Skywalk is that you can’t take any cameras or bags onto it. Boooo!

We had a few photos from the edge of the canyon where there was literally NO barrier so you had to be VERY careful. I have a bit of a fear of being on the edge of cliffs as it is….never mind one that’s 4,000ft high!!!! But we did get some quality photos from the two points we visited.



Then we went for lunch at the Ranch. Now, this photo didn’t do the dinner justice but it was lovely :


BBQ Ribs, mash and ranch beans. Mmmmmmmm!

The Ranch was an old Cowboy setup with horse rides, quick draw contests, archery etc. it was pretty cool.


Soon it was time to head back.

We got back to the MGM about quarter past 7 so it had been a very long day. We got ready and headed out to the best restaurant chain in the world…….HOOTERS!

Mmmmmm. I love breasts and thighs….and any other edible parts of a chicken….!

We over indulged…again! Elle was sharing pitchers with me, we ordered two starters, two mains and two sides….we were never gonna eat it all.



I think Elle has fallen in love with fried pickles too! Haha.

And then it was bedtime. Listened to the end of the Dodgers game which they won. Can’t wait for Monday when we see them play live at Dodger Stadium.

Tomorrow…….we get married again…with Elvis!

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