Page 115/365 : Vegas Day 2

Firstly an apology for last night’s blog and how I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, falling asleep whilst writing and not putting my best efforts in….lets hope today is better.

Had a good night’s sleep. Got up and about fairly early and headed to Denny’s for breakfast. Wow! I ha a Philly Cheesesteak Omlette!


Then we headed across to New York, New York and had a look around there before nipping over the road to the Excalibur and The Luxor.





After the brief sightseeing tour we went back to the MGM and headed to the pool. It was lovely to relax by the pool and float around the Lazy River for a while. Elle caught the sun for sure. I tried my best but I am still looking like the Milky Bar Kid!!!

Tonight’s tea was at Hard Rock Cafe. I have to officially say that my eyes are bigger than my belly. I thought I could share this with Elle…


Before tackling this on my own…


But I was wrong and only ended up eating half the burger!

I did have about a gallon of Root Beer though so all is good.

Feeling knackered though now. Overeating + heat = tired!

Tomorrow we’ve got a very early start to head over to the West Rim of the Canyon so it’s an early night here.

Oh, and on Facebook it looks like our Laura and Lawlor are hooking up. Hehe. Brother from another mother marrying a sister from the same mother. How funny would the name Laura Lawlor be if that were true? They should hook up if only for that name!!!!

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