Page 63/365 : Tired Belle

Elle back from the Hen do today and naturally she was completely knackered and tired.

Got home from work to find her sprawled out half asleep…bless! She’d had a good weekend in Chester though which was good.

Huge collection of half-drunk-alcohol in the house now…..PARRRRRRRTTTTYYYYYYY!!!!

Was happy with the TV world tonight too as Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge was on. We’d missed last week’s episode, the first in the series, so downloaded it on the On Demand on Sky. Watched both episodes and absolutely fell in love with it again…god knows why I love a fishing program so much, but it just kinda…well…works!

Also watched this week’s episode of The Big Reunion which featured B*Witched and 911. Its kinda sad watching these programmes and realising how much was going on behind the scenes and how the industry was slowly tearing them all apart.

Decided that I need to make this Blog a bit more…erm…entertaining…so I am actually going to comment on things in the news etc which are annoying/controversial, instead of just banging on about what I had for my dinner etc!

Saw today that someone has said that by 2020, the average first-time house-buyer would need a Deposit of £100,000 to get their own place and get onto the property ladder…how the hell is that meant to be possible? I think we’re likely in the future to see bigger corporations owning propertied and everyone only being able to afford to rent a place. It’s the way things are going and unfortunately its going to affect everyone massively. After we get married, we will be looking and in the market to move back up to Morley, but the prospect of having to save a massive amount for deposits etc is a scary and daunting one…but we’ll get there…plus, I just want a house with my own “Man Room”..fridge for beer, Xbox, big TV, Stereo system, Lava Lamps…all that shit!

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1 Response to Page 63/365 : Tired Belle

  1. Louise says:

    Haha that end bit with the man room made me laugh coz that was what rich wanted with our garage. It never happened and is full of crap (it is his crap tho)

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