Page 40/365 : Fittings, Pork & Lost again

Up n at em fairly early this morning. Elle did a cracking breakfast whilst preparing tea early (I will come back to that shortly) before she needed dropping off in Morley for Zumba. I went back home, picked up Lawlor and headed into Leeds to pick Crooksy up who had travelled up from Portsmouth for all of three hours for the suit fitting.

We headed over to Ossett, but got there a bit early for our appointment at the tailors Carl Stuart’s, so we went for a wander around Ossett…which to be fair to the place, was a shithole. It was a Saturday afternoon and there was hardly anyone about. We got giddy when we saw a sign proclaiming to be a stocking of WWE and other wrestling merchandise…only to peek through the door to see an old bloke selling stair lifts!!! In the corner, near the door, there was about twos shelves with some WWE figures on but that was it.

After we went for a quick game of Pool, we went back to the tailors and got the boys fitted up for their suits. Gotta get everyone else in on March 23rd for fittings.

Headed back to Morley to pick Elle up before taking Crooksy back to Leeds City Centre for him to hop back on the Megabus back to Portsmouth via London.

Went to Amy’s to drop off a parcel before coming home for tea…see, I told you we’d come back to it…

We were having BBQ Pulled Pork which had been cooking in the slow cooker since this morning. Oh my it was delightful…and the best thing about it was that it was totally Syn free on Slimming World! Get in! The bread roll and coleslaw weren’t though! Haha.

Watched another 6 episodes of the first series of Lost too! Good times.

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