Page 17/365 : Panic buying

…and so the snow begins…apparently. We haven’t seen too much of it today but the white-out is coming…and what is the natural thing to happen? Yup, the panic buying has begun. People on Facebook and Twitter acting like we are 24 hours away from the apocalypse…so what did we do after work? Went to Morrisons…and the fun began.

There were managers with radios running around shouting out and reporting shelves which were becoming depleted. There were fast shifts to get all the de-icer and the snow shovels to the front door area, just to make sure all the panicking people knew exactly where to get them. People were stockpiling sugar and bottles water like they were battening down the hatches for a Nuclear Winter. It was ridiculous. So naturally, we took the piss:

Elle knew I needed excessive amounts of toilet roll


The only way to keep my fiancée warm, with loads of Hot Water Bottles and electric blankets


Empty shelves everywhere



We saw one woman with 4 2kg bags of sugar…who needs 8kg of sugar in any given week? Stupidity, that’s all it is!

Anyway…seeing as though the apocalypse is about to hit, no doubt mobile phone signals are about to disappear…so if I report back tomorrow, then we’ve all survived!

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1 Response to Page 17/365 : Panic buying

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    We should have got more loo roll lmao!!!


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