Page 16/365 : Wins & Swims

Quite a productive one today. Phoned the place up at lunch who are providing the Golf Break that that I won on Tipping Point. Found out we didn’t have to play golf, and the voucher is valid for any Marriott across Europe so we are thinking about doing a Bruges ferry trip at the back end of the year tied in with a stay in Ghent in the Marriott there. Could be a good plan.

Had an email from the manufacturers of the iPod non-waterproof waterproof armband thing who I had sent a snotty email to. I am hoping they will offer some kind of compensation. They were saying that I need to send them bak to them and they would “investigate”. Hmmm.

Back to the swimming tonight down at the John Charles. We had to pay £4.40 as we only have the Off-Peak bodyline card but it was OK. Did my 64 lengths in 46 minutes, knocking a full 4 minutes off my time from Sunday.

My new glasses arrived today. The optician said it would take a bit to get used to them. I really like them. Will be good to out the Transition lenses to the test!

Caught up on Celebrity Big Brother tonight.

Was looking into getting tickets in Vegas for Rock Of Ages and found some fairly cheap-ish ones online. Just need to get them closer to the time.

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1 Response to Page 16/365 : Wins & Swims

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    Moody Elle today – didn’t wanna go swimming but did and managed a respectable half a mile in 30mins – scowled the whole way and lifeguard even commented on my moody face 😦

    Mega cold day, high of -3, tipping snow and lows of -8 tonight brrrrrrr!

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