Page 14/365 : Tipping Point & Tipping The Scales

Well today was the day that my episode of Tipping Point was on ITV1. What an up n down ride that was!

We filmed it back in November down in London at the iconic BBC television studios. They put me up overnight as it was an early call. After meeting up with the other contestants, we met with the production crew etc. we had a quick run through of the game. The other contestants were nice people and a good laugh.

We went to the studio and I realised the Floor Manager was the same one who did Deal Or No Deal all those years ago. Was it a sign of things to come?

Ben Shephard arrived and was great. E was friendly to us all and we had a bit of banter about his Twitter search the night before for a 4-bird roast.

Then it was time for the first round, an absolute disaster for everyone really. Hardly any money was won, and at the end of the round I had to go through on a tiebreaker.

The second round was a bit more successful for me when Bill went first and didn’t win too much. I went last and luckily it paid off. I went into the lead.

Between that round and the next, there was a lighting issue so we had to break in filming whilst it was fixed. We got to eat in the BBC bar! Bonus!

Into the next round of filming and I maintained the lead going into the final.

Then it was time for the final…I cocked up a question about the Titanic that I really should have got, and I got another one wrong which ended up being down to a total guess. It all lead to a £2,350 bank total and a £10k counter which was already part way over the edge. I went for the gamble…and lost…absolutely gutted!

And that day, to make things worse, I found out I was being made redundant at work!!!! Luckily that is all over though now and we’re keeping our jobs!!!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but that £10k counter was just waaaaay too tempting to turn down, and had it dropped over the edge (all it needed was one more counter behind it) and it would have been mine!

Ah well…at least I have a golfing break!!!!!!!

Back to Slimming Work for weigh in tonight and I picked up the Slimmer Of The Week basket with a nice 6lb loss. That means that in the two weeks after Christmas/New Year, I have managed to lose the 13 & 1/2lb I put on in that same time.

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2 Responses to Page 14/365 : Tipping Point & Tipping The Scales

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    1 and half lb loss for me – tad disappointed but a loss is a loss 🙂

    Very cold day with snow most of the day!!!! Didn’t settle but still freezing and more to come 😦

    No jigsaw done and no progress with my wedding craft projects

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