Page 13/365 : Swim, an end and a start

Quite an eventful one for a Sunday.

Finished 24 off this morning…no more Jack Bauer…unless they make a film…it was good to have re-lived it all again with Elle having never seen…next up…Prison Break. We are a few episodes in already, and again, even though I have seen it will be great to re-visit it.

Went to the John Charles Centre to sign up for the Bodyline Card with the stamped form that our Doctor had given us before heading up to Morley with said card to go swimming. It’s the first time in Morley baths in YEARS for me…and I was half expecting Stead to be stood poolside but he wasn’t there. I even wore my Prescription Goggles I got a couple of years ago and never used for Total Wipeout.

Started off in the fast lane for a good few lengths before moving across into the medium speed lane. Managed to do the full 64 lengths for a complete mile in dead on 50 minutes, so I was pleased with that and it certainly gives me something to aim for in the coming weeks.

Went to Asda to return the hoodie that had come and had been wrong. Ended up listening to the life story of some woman working there who decided it was right to be telling me all about a toy she’d bought for her grandson that had broken, and she couldn’t fix, but her grandson had sorted…it was a definite “I don’t really care, just give me my tender back” moment.

Bought a cheap snooker cue. Might have to start playing..I do like a good game.

Did a bit more progress on the jigsaw…New York is coming along nicely…just got the buildings to put in…as it stands, it looks a little like the apocalypse has hit with all red sky and no structures!

Oh…and I am on Tipping Point on ITV1 tomorrow at 4pm…should be…erm…interesting!

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1 Response to Page 13/365 : Swim, an end and a start

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    40 lengths in 40 mins for me
    Bought 10 plastic boxes – 1 for each wedding table
    Bought some large glass jars for sweetie buffet
    Spray painted my sweetie sign in purple glitter paint
    Made a start on our wedding favours – labeled 120 jam jar lids with our personalised stickers
    Made some awesome roasties to go with tea
    Received final draft of Zara’s wedding reading – love love love it!

    All in all an eventful day!!!

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