Films which deal with time travel teeter on the precipice. On one side is simpleness tied in with silliness, and on the other side is the certain death if complete convoluted mess which tests even the bravest scientific mind. Finding a balance between the two is a tough one to manage but Looper steps up the mark.

Meet Joe, a Looper based in the year 2044, set up to execute criminals from the future who are sent back in time by gangland bosses to dispose of (its easier to lose a body in the past…trackers).

Joe is going about his normal daily job when he appears to himself…literally. Old Joe quickly makes an escape, causing the future to be skewed.

Looper then takes what you think you know about the film and twists it in a very evil way, exploring what might have and did happen after these events.

Old Joe is back in 2044 seeking revenge for the death of a loved one and so ensues a three way cat an mouse chase between Young Joe, Old Joe and Young Joe’s disgruntled employers!

Joseph Gorden Levitt underwent hours of makeup and study of Bruce Willis’ mannerisms each day to perfect his role as the younger version of himself. What he bring to the screen is a dynamic and fun performance and at times you actually do feel like you are watching a Young Bruce Willis at work.

What starts off fast-paced and action filled takes a slower pace in the mid portion of the film but this slower section sets up the explosive, if not slightly predictable ending.

Great use of special effects, some great performances including a great child-performance from young Pierce Gagnon and the film all comes together nicely. Was it as amazing as it could have been? Maybe not. Was it better than a lot of recent Sci-fi attempts? Definitely.

Well worth a watch.


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