Cineworld Challenge Film #4 – Unknown Cert 12a
@Cineworld Wakefield, 12/03/11 5:50pm
Trailers : Source Code, Limitless, Fast Five, Suckerpunch

Unknown is the latest Liam Neeson offering in his new action phase he seems to be going through. On the back of Taken and big-budget A-Team, Neeson is firmly turning his hand to big set pieces and Unknown is no different. Here he plays Dr Martin Harris, on his way to a very important conference to give a speech on some kind of new genetic crop that will revolutionise the world. He is accompanied by his wife who checks into the hotel whilst Dr Harris goes back to the airport to pick up his left luggage. On the way however, he’s involved in a car crash and subsequently ends up in a coma.

As he awakens 4 days later and continues with his life he quickly finds out that his wife no longer remembers him and is “married” to another man who calls himself Dr Martin Harris.

What unfolds is a tense ride on a trust-no-one train which leads the protagonist down a winding path of despair and angst as he tried to unravel his memories and life in order to put together what is happening.

The movie is fun and jam-packed with tension and a kind spattering of action. I can’t say much about the story as saying anything would definitely give things away!

A fantastic performance from Neeson who carries the film mostly on his own with a little backup from Diane Kruger as the taxi driver caught up in everything with him.

If you liked Taken, you will love Unknown.
Overall rating 9/10

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