Movie Montages

From one guy running through the russian snow and the other guy using all the latest technology to train, to a good old fashioned ‘moving on through the tournament’ scene, the art of the Movie Montage is a fine one.

One of the greatest examples of a perfect montage can be seen in the much-loved Rocky 4. In this movie, not only do we get treated to the beauty of a flashback montage, showing clips from the first three films to the tune of “No Easy Way Out!” But we also enjoy the joys of the training montage in which Rocky, out of his depth and in the Russian snow, uses everything around him from logs to axes to trailers to mountains to build up his strength whilst Ivan Drago, the baddest son-of-a-bitch that side of Moscow, has the delights of all the machinery and technology known to man to progress himself to super-hardness. Hell, even the training montage gets split in two with an instrumental bit followed by “Hearts On Fire” belting out over the surround sound.

The Karate Kid movie…ya know, the original which actually had Karate in it and not Kung Fu had the best actual fighting montage. Daniel-san in the Karate tournament progressing through each round to the tune of “You’re The Best, Around…” By Joe “Bean” Esposito. It serves its purpose well. It shows the passage of time through a tournament and shows Mr Miyaki’s protege getting stronger and stronger and not giving up, much to the delight of Elisabeth Shue.

The 80’s were they heyday of the Movie Montage, but as piss-takes go, see Team America : World Police for the best. The team that brought you South Park rip the hell out of movie montages in a comedy training scene near the end of the movie which is a perfect throwback to the movies we all know and love.

So what is your favourite Movie Montage moment and which can you not stand? Have your say below…

Right, I am off to train to get ready to beat up a big Russian…hey, if we can change, and you can change…we all can change!

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