…off we go again!

Well well well…here we go again on another blog ride into the unknown of the Blogosphere (is that even a word? If not, why not?).

Quick update on life and loves. I am seeing a lovely girl called Elle and have basically moved out of home and spend all my time with her now. We have been together almost 10 weeks now and everything is fan-bloody-tastic…in fact she’s whipping up a super-hot chilli and chips for me as we speak! Wooohoooo! Now Derek is licking my toes so I best move along quick…Derek is Elle’s dog by the way…I don’t have some random toe licking fetish…!

We are also just one week away from the start of the 2010/11 football league season and yes, Leeds United are back in the Championship! What a season we had last year. I smashed my Away-Days record by going to 12 away games last season and will be looking to annihilate that again this year. We had a season of promotion and the epic moment of beating Scum 1-0 at ScumTrafford on January 3rd! Marvellous.

Leeds have brought in the likes of Billy Paynter and Lloyd Sam for the new season, whilst our biggest loss is Beckford to Everton…can anyone stand up and score more than Jermaine this year? Time will tell.

I am officially signed up to the SLI for the trips away this season and cannot wait for the fun and antics of that again this year…we are going to Thirsk Races on Saturday with the football lads too so it should be good fun.

Gonna attempt to pick up the new Away shirt this weekend too…bring it on.

I have also booked my flights to Atlanta for Wrestlemania 27…but I will be missing Elle’s birthday…amazing present required methinks!

Still working for Connaught, but there’s massive uncertainty in the camp at the minute with all the craziness of the drop in the share price over the last couple of weeks making everyone fear for their jobs…but the company secured extra funding today so thankfully we should be alright…for now.

Until next time…adios!

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