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071/2014 : Flying solo

Work. Hard at it today. The guy who had been training me up has gone on holiday leaving me to fend for myself. I think I managed to do OK on my first day. Hopefully it all stays like that … Continue reading

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029/2014 : Bargains

Found out ASDA have a staff store today. Bought a load of packets of Walkers Baked for 20p a bag. I know how to live. Loving my 4:30 finishes. Got home and played catchup with The Following and a couple … Continue reading

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021/2014 : The Following

Back to work today after my day off. Went in to find this on my desk : Yesterday a series of Facebook messages and photos appeared with my Bendy Bully being “Bully-napped” by the girls at work…and now this…a photo … Continue reading

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Page 210/365 : Thunder & Tremors

Weather was a right old mixed bag today. Lovely sunshine, then driving rain and thunderstorms before being sunny again. Madness! Was proper tired today. Stayed up last night to watch the Dodgers game, that should’ve had a relatively normal Midnight … Continue reading

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