Judy – ♥♥♥1/2

Over the rainbow, or the bottom of a pill bottle?


I will start this review of the new Renee Zellweger film biopic by saying that I literally knew very little of the life of Judy Garland before going into this film, so my entire knowledge now consists of the events of this film alone, which I am sure some will agree is not the best way to talk about any subject, so I will stay away from any “facts” I have now picked up.

Judy picks up on the life of Judy Garland in the latter stages. She is struggling to find a place in life, with work drying up and the only way to make enough to continue to be able to see her kids is to head off to England and perform at Talk Of The Town, knowing there’s an English audience for her singing.

When she does come over however, things don’t quite go as planned, with her struggles with her demons (some of which are shown through flashbacks to her being on the set of Wizard Of Oz back in thee day) and alcohol problems. Things soon turn against her and her strife continues.

I thought that Zellweger absolutely nailed the performance. Whether she was like the real Judy Garland is a matter I will leave to others to discuss, but her portrayal in this is absolutely spot on. The pain and anguish in her eyes is always there, except in one scene with two fans she meets after a show.

The film isn’t played for laughs, but there are a few in it sporadically. But with a wonderful performance by the lead, with her actually singing the songs, and an end act which moved me to floods of tears, Judy is well worth a watch.

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