Luis & The Aliens – Film #69

Out of this world, or out of it’s mind?


Title – Luis and the Aliens
Certificate – U
Director – Christoph Lauenstein & Wolfgang Lauenstein
Writers – Christoph Lauenstein & Wolfgang Lauenstein
Cast – See below

Back to the cinema after a week off, and I hoped for a fun kids film…and thats what you get with Luis and the Aliens.

It’s very very far from perfect, and isn’t necessarily going to be a film I want to watch again, but it was alright.

It’s the story of Luis, a kid who is struggling with being a bit of an outcast. His father is a bit too eccentric for the locals and it affects Luis’ life. He has dedicated his time to chasing Aliens, rather than his son, and when aliens finally turn up and help Luis out of a few sticky situations, everything pays off in the way that any kind of kids film with lovable aliens can.

Most of the fun comes from the fact that the aliens can shapeshift, and this brings in most of the comedy in the film. It’s nothing particularly new, but it works.

My three year old loved it…but I was nodding off for some of it, so it was failing to engage me thoroughly.

So now to the cast. Almost all unknowns, but you may notice from the picture that the fantastic Will Forte is mentioned, as is 80’s legend Lea Thompson. But look on IMDb and they are no-where to be seen in the cast list…so did they provide any voices in the film or not? Were they embarrassed to even be associated with the film? Who knows!


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