The Festival – Film #67

Festival of Fun or Shit-Fest?


Title – The Festival
Certificate – 15
Director – Iain Morris
Writers – Keith Akushie, Joe Parham
Cast – Joe Thomas (Nick), Hammed Animashaun (Shane Stubbs), Claudia O’Doherty (Amy), Jemaine Clement (Robin), Hannah Tointon (Caitlin)

Plot – After Nick’s girlfriend dumps him, his best mate Shane has the perfect antidote to his break-up blues: three days at an epic music festival.

Review – I have never been to a festival…and never even fancied it. So this is about the closest I will get to standing out in a muddy field listening to ear-throbbing music, a sweaty mess, covered in beer, having the fear of having a shit.

Nick has been dumped, so naturally going to a festival is the only way to get over her. Cue drug misuse, meeting randomers, dancing and shagging randomers….oh wait…maybe it might be worth going to a festival after all.

So lets face it…this whole film could have been the next Inbetweeners movie. It stars one of the main lads from the Inbetweeners, it’s directed by the Inbetweeners Director, and even stars the girl from Inbetweeners who dated the lad from Inbetweeners who dated the guy from Inbetweeners who is in this as the girl who has dumped the main guy who was in Inbetweeners.

So yeah…it’s basically like The Inbetweeners go to a festival, but with Hammed Animashaun standing in for the other three lads alongside Joe Thomas.

The main problem is…it’s not as funny as The Inbetweeners. And I think the problem stems from the fact that comedy has moved on somewhat. It’s been ten years since The Inbetweeners started, and it was perfectly placed at the perfect time when everyone watched it and thought it was hilarious. Their first film came at the right time, but the second came a while after and just wasn’t as funny. This film feels like a continuation of that whole area of comedy that just doesn’t work as much anymore.

It manages to go gross-out a couple of times, and there is some actually funny moments. In fact, the final act of the film made me laugh and smile a whole lot more than the rest of the film, as some of the scenarios and situations which weren’t funny earlier on start to pay off a little.

But it’s just not that great. Worth a watch, but don’t waste your money seeing this at the cinema…wait for it to be on TV in about 6 months…in the middle of winter and you can relive the summer days gone by.



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