Unfriended: Dark Web – Film #65

Fibre Optic or Dial Up?


Do you cover up your webcam? Yeah me neither…in fact its looking at me right now as I type this….watching me…watching every move….who knows who is watching…..

Welcome to Unfriended: Dark Web, the follow up movie to Unfriended which was the supernatural tale of a bunch of friends chatting on a Skype call and all being killed off one by one by a malignant force, a ghost of a girl who had committed suicide a year before.

In this sequel, the story shifts to a much darker side of the internet, the Dark Web…the side of the internet that us Normals have no idea about. Sure you can hear tales of what is on there…but this kid ain’t ever delving into it.

One guy has acquired a new laptop, which has a load of old details auto-populating for a previous user. After some banter with friends, and playing about in the computer files, he discovers a lot of horrible videos of violence and surveillance and it quickly becomes apparent that things are not going to end happy.

The whole film is seen through the screen of our main guy, with an Apple Laptop being the on-screen focus. Everything begins to unravel at around the halfway mark and doesn’t let up after.

It’s a fun ride…you know how it’s all going to turn out, but nonetheless its great to jump on and ride it out.

My big gripe however was this…in the first film, we had a ghost doing the antagonising…but this time around it’s a much more physical presence…but every time one of them appears on the screen you get a sort of buzzing and blurring of the screen…which makes them look like they are ghostly and not physical beings and it felt to me like it just took me away from the in-the-room threat that was meant to be being portrayed.

It’s still good though and is well worth a watch


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