Teen Titans Go To The Movies – Film #60

Robin or Robbed?


I’ve never seen Teen Titans, or Teen Titans Go!

Mainly because I ain’t a kid anymore…or so I thought……..I have now decided I am going to watch the entire back catalogue of episodes…because this film is fantastic.

It’s the story of Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy who are minor characters in the DC Universe. Obviously Robin is living in Batman’s shadow and longs to star in his own movie…but to do that, he needs an arch-enemy so goes about trying to make Slade his true enemy to ensure movie makers want to do a Robin film in the future.

This film is a delight. It’s packed full of comedy from the basics that kids will love (yeah, there’s a fart joke in there), right up to the film completely referencing the DC Universe, the Marvel Universe and anything else it can get its hands on. The Lion King is dropped in as a reference, as is Back To The Future.

It’s a smart script, with a very good story. I was absolutely expecting an average film, but I found myself smiling throughout, and tapping my foot along with the musical numbers (the film isn’t a musical, there’s just a couple of moments where it fits).

The voice acting is absolutely spot on and this is absolutely the animated movie of the year for me so far.


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