Ant Man & The Wasp – Film #58

Ant Queen, or buzzed off?


Finally, Ant Man & The Wasp lands in the UK. After being delayed, yet released elsewhere, the latest movie in the Marvel Universe is here and it’s a great ride.

Straight off the bat, this films is full of everything. There’s plenty of comedy, action and plenty of heart and sentiment to really make it fit into the universe really well.

A lot of speculation has been around since Ant Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) wasn’t present during the events of Infinity War and how he fits into the storyline. This film, by the end brings it’s timeline into line with everything else nicely.

Michael Pena is fantastic as the main comic relief in the film, with a cross of silliness and smarts which works really well in a setting which never really takes itself that seriously.

In terms of the heart I mentioned, it’s certainly there. Michael Douglas’ Dr Hank Pym is still searching for his wife who he believes to be alive in the Quantum Realm. At the same time, Ava (Hannah John-Kamen) is trying to use the exact same technology to fix herself after being over-exposed to the Quantum Realm previously.

The whole film centres around the battle between Ava and our heroes trying to get a laboratory to where they need it so they can complete their respective missions.

The 3D in this film is phenomenal…it helped seeing on IMAX, but it delivers perfectly, especially when we see any shots of the surreal Quantum Realm.

Evangeline Lilly is great as Hope/The Wasp. She bounces off Rudd really well and their partnership really works on screen.

If you go see…there’s two end credit scenes…the first one is worth it…but the one at the very end of the credits really isn’t worth staying for.


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