Soorma – Film #54

Soorma or Soor-nah?


With one finger held aloft, Sandeep Singh celebrates another goal for India in hockey, using his Drag-Flick to maximum impact.

Soorma is the story of Sandeep Singh, a young man who dreamed of becoming a big Hockey star in India, whilst also attempting to get the girl of his dreams.

Having very little experience of Hockey as a game, I was going into this movie somewhat blind. Luckily it all fell into place nicely.

It’s a great film about coming of age, getting better in a chosen sport, and suffering an amazing setback and the struggle to try to recover from it. As I knew nothing about Sandeep Singh, or what happened to him in real life, the story was completely fresh to me and I approached it not knowing whether I would be able to get behind a movie about a star in a sport I never really watch.

But I did. I found myself rooting for him. There’s some great montage sequences throughout, showing him getting better at Hockey and up to being the household name he clearly is today. It was all put together really well and I now know about India’s biggest Hockey star.

My second foray into Bollywood movies and both this and Kaala have been revelationary joys.

I will definitely be keeping my eye on what is coming up next.


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