Kaala – Film #46

Killer Kollywood or Subtitled Slop?


I have been wrongly calling this a Bollywood movie all day, but research says that the Tamil-language films of India are classed as “Kollywood”, so here we are…my first ever Kollywood movie!

As I have literally watched everything else Cineworld currently has on screen, I found myself looking at the listings and seeing Kaala listed. It opened tonight and there was a trailer…I watched the 10 million viewed trailer…see what you think…

As soon as I saw that I thought “this is going to be watchable”.

And you know something…this was way more than watchable!

It’s the story of the people of Mumbai who are living in the Dhavari slums. A gangster called Haridev “Hari Dhadha” Abhayanka who is in the pocket of the government is trying to evict everyone from the slum so they can build a housing project on there, to raise the profile of the city. However, Karikaalan “Kaala” (played by Rajinikanth), along with his people, oppose everything that is going on. Kaala has many followers and is even referred to as the King of Dhavari. Because of this, Abhayanka continuously sends his men after Kaala to attempt to kill him so he can stop the uprising of the people in the slums.

So its a basic story of big man wanting to put the little people down, turfing them out at the same time (very recently the exact same story as Early Man), but what you have here is a stylistic film which is sometimes action flick, sometimes love story, with a spattering of comedy in there too.

This was my first experience of an Indian film at the cinema and it was one I wasn’t quite prepared for. There was whooping and holla’s thrown at the screen, especially when Rajinijanth appeared…I can only guess he is some kind of Tamil legend!

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole film. There’s a couple of fight scenes which are shot absolutely amazingly…an early one on a bridge being a big highlight with people fighting in slow-motion in the rain! Pa. Ranjith’s direction is absolutely on point.

Also, Rajinijanth is the coolest motherfucker in the world! I used to think Samuel L Jackson was cool…but in this film, this guy makes the art of removing and putting his sunglasses back on an art form. It was like watching a recent Chuck Norris film. In fact, Rajinijanth is the focus of many Chuck Norris Fact-like jokes.

It’s really made me think a lot about other films I should now be seeing from that part of the world!


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