Breaking In – Film #42

Breaking in, or breaking down?

breaking in

Payback is a Mother? More like Payback, I wouldn’t bother!

Breaking In is the lovely story of a mother and her kids moving to a house which just happens to have top notch security throughout, oh and her father has been killed recently, oh and there’s a safe with $4m inside…oh and Bella’s Dad from Twilight wants it.

After some initial “where are my kids in this big old house” moments, Gabrielle Union (playing Shaun Russell) gets locked outside the house by 4 members of a gang who are after the money, whilst her two kids are inside with the bad guys.

Cue mummy trying to get back into the house, in a twist on normal “trapped in somewhere” movies.

The problem is, it’s not very exciting. There’s some strange decisions by some of the characters, and the story lurches from moment to moment. There’s even times when the writer can’t even seem to decide whether Billy Burke (playing leader Eddie) is all that bad, then oh he’s evil, then oh no he’s alright-ish. For films like this to work, you need to have an antagonist who is genuinely frightful…something this film fails to deliver on.

Very poorly done, but 90 minutes of entertainment none the less.


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