Avengers: Infinity War – Film #33

Spoiler free review.






So yeah…Infinity War is pretty fucking good!

Now lets face it…if you have watched and enjoyed any of the previous eighteen (yes, there’s really been 18) films in the MCU over the last ten years, you’re going to be firmly booking your tickets to see this one. There’s no amount of begging I can do…you’re either going to watch it or you’re not.

And if you are…you are in for an absolute treat. It’s literally Jaw-Dropping!

You all know the story…Thanos wants the Infinity Stones to put into his Gauntlet that will grant him ultimate power over the Universe and everyone we know and love will be attempting to stop him. From Captain America, to Iron Man, to Doctor Strange, to Thor, to Hulk……damn its some list! They’re all in there except, wierdly enough, Ant Man…but I expect his absence may get explained in Ant Man and The Wasp later this year.

Just go see it. It’s amazing, it’s epic.

If you can see it on IMAX…..just do it!

I am in a state of shock, and wonder and satisfaction I don’t think I have ever felt after coming out of a movie…. I can’t wait until Part 2 in 2019….!


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