Out Of Office > ON!

So that’s it for another week at work…but more importantly for a week as this weekend I will join up with a couple of other ASDA Colleagues and head out to Bentonville and Fayetteville for the start of Walmart Associates Week (also known as Shareholders Week).

We’re all split up into separate teams for the week. Team “High Five” will meeting tomorrow night for a pre-Shareholders get-together in a hotel at Manchester Airport. We need to be at the airport fairly early on the Sunday morning so it made perfect sense for us all to crash near the airport the night before so we can all have a meal together, get a good night’s sleep and then be ready and raring to go.

Now, some people have been asking me “How the hell are you going out to Shareholders for a second year? You’re only meant to be able to go once…!” Well that is true of course but I was asked back as I got involved with everything and really threw myself into it last year and the great team who are organising it knew I could have a laugh bringing my experiences from last year to this year’s event. Anyone who knows me will know that since I went last year…I haven’t shut up about it. I’ve told everyone everything and probably done everyone’s head in…and in the buildup to this year I have been able to use that to help out. I set up the Facebook “person” that everyone added as a friend to allow us to communicate with everyone and I’ve been invited to meetings with other groups who are going out this year to talk about my experiences last year and what people can expect from it.

But all the talking is done now.

On the horizon are flights, university dormitories, office tours, store visits, concerts, parties, karaoke, international conferences, dancing on stage, chanting, singing, dancing with international colleagues, walking, hills, sharing rooms, surprise celebrity appearances, and the all important business meetings.

All my bags are packed. Spare mobile phone chargers are fully pumped. The GoPro is charged too (oh yes…the GoPro is making the trip complete with all the attachments).

Tomorrow at 4pm, the journey begins again…lets do this!

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