Shareholders 2016 – T-Minus 11 days…

…and counting!

Hardened followers of mine will know that last year I was lucky enough to head across to America with work, visiting Bentonville and Fayetteville for Shareholders Week 2015 which was the highlight of my career. I got to meet Walmart colleagues from all around the world, have fun, see some fantastic concerts and see how the Walmart world works.

Anyone who knows me will know I have not shut up about that trip since…

…and in just 11 days time I get to do it all again.

Having really got into the spirit of things last year, I was asked back this year to continue the enthusiasm and excitement and pass it onto other colleagues. It was an opportunity I have grasped with both hands.

The planning for this year is now in the very late stages. We had a first Team UK meeting a month or so ago, where we got to meet our teams for the first time. This time I’m in “Team 5″…we have named ourselves “High Five”…it took about three seconds to come up with the name 🙂

Here’s our team :

High Five

Without a doubt the best team.

In that meeting we started working on potential chants…but that will remain top secret for now…

We’re in a great team (the whole of Team UK) and I can’t wait to make the trip out to America again with everyone.

We’ve been given plenty of new kit for the week…but more will be revealed on what that looks like on all the days we’re out there. I’m not spoiling those treats for you…and two of the outfits certainly are treats!!!

To really help drive home the outfits I’ve invested in these lovely trainers for the trip :


We have a pretty busy schedule whilst out there. We’ve got store visits, home office visits, museums, shopping malls, baseball games, karaoke nights, concerts and the all-important work meetings to attend.

It’s going to be one hell of a week…stay tuned to this blog and you can come along with me…



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