2016.1.19 – Sky TV…is f**king sh*t!

Yep, Leeds United fans are once again chanting that as Sky TV and the Football League collaborate to move another fixture for TV. 

This time, Middlesbrough on Saturday 13th Feb has been moved to Monday 15th. Initially I didn’t think of it as too much of a problem but then jump onto Twitter and it’s clear that it’s causing all kinds of issues for fans. You have people who can’t make Midweek games, for example the guys who sit in front of me at Elland Road make a 400 mile round trip to watch the games…how are they meant to attend on a Monday night now? It’s going to mean flexing time at work and finding a way. 

Then we hear the plight of our Norwegian fan base. Around 40 or so of them were planning on coming over for the game. Fly in, watch the game, weekend in Leeds then back to Norway on the Sunday evening…but now that’s just not possible…but their flights are booked and their tickets paid for.

Are Sky TV and/or the Football League going to refund those fans who now can’t make it the cost of their tickets? Nope.

So once again, the night of Sky TV causes problems. I expect Cellino will wade into the process sometime soon. 

This week I’ve cancelled my Sky Sports on my Sky package. I literally watch WWE Raw, and any Leeds United games that are on there and now, I can do both by other means…so I ain’t justifying £17 a month to Sky for not much else on their Sports channels. I don’t watch “other” football so it makes sense. 


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