2016.1.17 – Making A Murderer

Oops types this last night and forgot to hit Post!
 ***Warning – This post will contain spoilers to what happens on Making A Murderer. Don’t read if easily spilt! ***

Over the last few weeks, I’d heard a load of people watching a documentary on Netflix…a documentary! People were posting on Social Media about how amazing it was and everything…I had to check it out. 

The opening episode opens with Steven Avery being released from prison in 2003 after serving 18 years for something. He keeps saying he knew all along he was innocent. 

Then we flash back to 1985 when everything happened. An apparent rape and the arrest of Steven Avery. During the first episode we see how the state constantly blamed Avery, despite there being another suspect who had a history of these types of crimes. But the Manitowoc sheriff department want rid of Avery so they push everything towards him. They manipulate the case, and indeed the victim to make sure Avery gets fingered for it. From “artists impressions” to ignored alibis, Avery takes the rap and gets sentenced. 

18 years later, DNA free him. 

Over the next two years Avery fights against the system for compensation for wrongful imprisonment. 

Oh and then a girl is murderered…and guess who the police go after for it…!

What follows is a mass of manipulations, evidence planting, and just sheer dickheadedness from the cops. 

I won’t reveal what happens in the cases…but Wow!

This is one of the most thrilling documentary series I have ever seen. Emotions whilst watching run from hope to despair, joy to heartbreak, horror to disbelief. 

Just perfection in a documentary. If you haven’t seen yet and this whets your appetite then get it watched!

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