2016.1.11 – RAC 4 Life

It was a little frosty this morning. The car looked like a snowball with all the frost. 

Getting inside, I feared the worst, and turned the key…chug chug chug dead…chug chug chug dead…its been working the third time….surely…chug chug chug dead! Joy!

Engine was cutting out whilst starting. Tried revving it and it worked…but as soon as I dropped the revs, engine cut out. 

So I phoned the RAC. I get cover through my bank account. I have one of those fee-paying accounts but I get car cover, mobile phone cover etc…

Eventually the RAC came out.  

After trying everything and hooking me up to the diagnostics and not finding anything wrong, the guy looked at the engine. There’s some kind of idle thing that was blocked with gunk. He cleared that and it meant it allowed air through when in idle…and off we went! Good times. All hail the RAC…I expect it’ll do the same in the morning…!

Also…Sabotage! I feel dirty. I feel wrong…and it’s all R2D2’s fault. Mark at work has this little thing on his desk.  

 It dispenses the tiniest sweets. Mark pushed it and it did it…I pushed it and it did it. 


Then I ate the sweet. Just one tiny little sweet. I was drawn in by R2D2…and seconds later I had blown by “no choc, no fizzy pop, no sweets” vow for the whole of January. 

I feel violated. Self-violated…but I’m sure this one sweet won’t ruin it all…but if it does…I want you all to know…it was R2D2’s fault! The little metallic shit!

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