086/2014 : No Pay, still play

Had the day off work today to use up my holidays before we get our full entitlement back in April.

Leeds United…the turmoil continues. Apparently the staff at Elland Road were paid today, but there’s not enough money left in the pot to pay the players. All the players were paid half of their wages (which some would argue was more than they would be worth anyway), with the other half expecting to come in at some point in the future…but who will pay it? What will happen if we cannot afford to pay the players? Is another Administration on the cards? What then? The rumour is the rules state that it’s a 17 point deduction…just what we need!!!

Fingers crossed. Pray for a win tomorrow. Pray someone comes in with some money to save us. Otherwise, never mind the pray…we’ll be prey!

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