084/2014 : A day of wonders

Been an interesting day of footballing heartache, movie discoveries and computer fixings.

First of all, my “New” laptop went tits up last night. PANIC! Got the Blue Screen of Death. Absolute nightmare. Anyway, Googled the hell out of it first thing this morning and it looked like it was the graphics drivers…but I deleted and reinstalled that and it still failed…but I realised it was failing whenever I opened Vuze…so I deleted that completely. Worked an absolute treat. 

Leeds United played away at Bournemouth tonight. 3-0 down after 30 minutes. Lost 4-1…what the hell is going on with our team.

I got royally annoyed on Facebook tonight with so called Leeds fans being more bothered in the Man Utd result too. Unfriended anyone who was banging on about them as if it was more important than what was happening at Elland Road. 

DIscovered that one of my favourite cheese-fest films “Rock Of Ages” has an extended version! Few extra scenes, an extra song and a lot more raunchiness! Downloaded it and watched it. Loved it all over again! What a film!…and any extra scenes with Julianne Hough wearing a babydoll and underwear whilst gyrating is always going to win me over!


Also found out tonight that the UK is simulcasting the Game Of Thrones premiere of Season 4 at the same time as America….which is good news…but the bad news is that it will be on at the same time as Wrestlemania 30! Oops! Gonna set it to record then watch it when we get back from Shooters

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