082/2014 : Floored

Got out of bed this morning and my back was in complete and utter turmoil. I ended up almost collapsing onto the bathroom floor in agony. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but however I moved meant it tweaked my back, causing more and more pain…oh and to make matters worse…I was naked!

I had visions of having to wait for some paramedics to come and sweep me up off the floor whilst covering my modesty with a small towel (it only needs to be a small one) and sliding me onto a gurney before managing to get my back working again.

Whilst laid there I managed to pop a few painkillers and luckily the pain eased enough for me to unstick myself from the bathroom tiles and drag my sorry ass up onto my feet and slowly make my way downstairs to the comfort of the sofa. I can lay partially on my right side without experiencing too much pain.

Luckily, through the power of the microwaved wheat bag, the pain eased much more throughout the day.

So, naturally, most of the day was spent chilling and watching films and stuff on TV. We watched Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games film, before hammering out a few episodes of CSI.

Hopefully my Monday Morning back will be OK.

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