080/2014 : Last solo day

Woke up this morning in agony. My back had gone again. Not good it took me about half an hour just to get from the bed to the outside of the bedroom! I had to crawl on all fours to manage it before levering myself up on the staircase. Not good. Hope it doesn’t stay like this for long.

Last day flying solo at work. Mark back on Monday. Went up to our quarterly Big Brunch meeting where we get lots of information from the management regarding performance and figures etc. It was really interesting.

They always have an act perform. Today it was Kian Egan from Westlife who has recently released his solo album. He did two songs. They were both covers. The second was a Hooberstank song. The first was one I knew. It was a cover of a Daughtry track called “Home”. I love the original. I was probably the only one in the room singing along! Love it.





Hosted the Friday afternoon game in work which went down really well. It was just True or False. We played two rounds of it. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

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