075/2014 : Drop the Titan

Finally got around to playing Titanfall…about two hours later I breathed again!


Just pure carnage. It’s insane. Where the Call Of Duty games are geared more at people ducking around corners and firing off the odd shot here and there, Titanfall is so much different. It actively promotes the running around and shooting everything in sight.

The more you kill in a quicker time, te quicker your Titan comes. As soon as your Titan is here and you drop him into a fight, you hop on board and start blowing the shit out of grunts, spectres, pilots and even better, other Titans!

There’s explosions galore, you’ll be all over the place, you’ll be flung into the air from a dying Titan, and you will be walking across and hanging off walls.

Titanfall is mental. I love it!

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