Film Review : Robocop (2014)

It’s big reboot time as Robocop’s circuits are reworked, repaired and upgraded into 2014.


The general story remains the same, OCP are looking to put robotic police officers on the streets of Detroit first then America. After they had been successfully deployed abroad, they need to do so in the states, but heavy opposition means that OCP need to win over the public. So instead of putting machines out on the streets, they look to put a man in a machine. All the current candidates are unsuitable…until BOOM! Good cop Alex Murphy is blown to bits by an arms-dealing bad guy. His body is signed over to OCP and the metal is added and Robocop is set loose.

This is one of the best reboot films I have seen and I was very impressed with it. One major difference though is the shift away from the revenge story and more focus on the relationship between a now-robot Murphy and his wife as well as his kid. This was a very small part of the original film, with Robocop only visiting his old house once and his wife not even knowing. This time around, she gave full consent and keeps in touch with him.

This sets up a more sentimental Robocop. His “death” isn’t anywhere near as brutal as Boddicker’s annihilation of Peter Weller’s Murphy and Joel Kinnaman’s search for revenge is a small twenty minute segment which ends as quick as it starts.

There is a lot more focus on OCP’s top bosses having more control over Robocop, being able to track his movements and shut him down if necessary.

It’s well worth a watch. Fans of the older films will notice lots of nods back to the original. From the theme music of the originals being in there, to phrases such as “dead or alive you are coming with me” and even a reference to the “I’d buy that for a dollar” advertisement in the first film.

The violence is somewhat toned down, but after they ran over budget, they needed to recoup money in some way and giving it a 12A rating is the best way.

Great casting is the key too. Gary Oldman is fantastic as the Doctor who created Robocop, Michael Keaton is great as the take-no-shit boss of OCP and Joel Kinnaman plays the lead fantastically. Oh and Samuel L Jackson…can he go through an entire 12A rated film without calling someone a MotherFucker…? You’ll have to watch and see… 😉

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